Valor Productions was founded by Aaron Cantley, a graduate of The Virginia Military Institute and a United States Marine Corps Veteran, who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom spanning 2004, 2005 and 2006. Aaron founded VALOR as he presents with the unique perspective of the military experience, an experience that changes near strangers into brothers almost automatically. He has dedicated his career to working with Veterans and their families to document their unique experiences, as they have truly earned their place in history. Aaron has united with Frank Schwartz, a partner of Valor Productions, due to his experience with media productions spanning nearly two decades but more importantly due to his close family ties to military history given the service of his family members. Aaron and Frank present with an unparalleled commitment to the personal documentation of each Veteran's stories including those of laughter as well as loss. Given the loss of their personal family members who have not had this opportunity, they want to ensure that every living Veteran has the opportunity to share their stories with those who stand beside them now as well as those who will remember them long after they are gone.